Get Orderly | FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). Get Orderly - Allow customers to order food and drink at your bar, restaurant or coffee shop.
Get Orderly - Let your customers to order food and drink at your bar, restaurant, coffee shop or cafe. Sign p today and start receiving orders.
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Still Got Questions?

No problem. Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand Orderly further.

How much training do my staff need?

Not much. Orderly Expo is extremely easy to use to receive orders, so even in a busy environment, staff can easily glance at and act upon orders. There is also a more in depth admin area where management can add to the menu, create special offers and send out push notifications to potential customers.


How much does Orderly cost to use?

There are zero setup fees and no subscriptions. We simply pass on the cost of payment processing which is 2.0% per transaction. You are just charged for the transactions that you take. Then you get paid every 24 hours.



Our payment processor, Braintree incorporates industry standard payment and information encryption technologies and is a validation Level PCI DSS Compliant Server Provider. For an extensive view of how secure Braintree payments are, click here.


Doesn’t Orderly remove the human element of service?

Not at all. Orderly is designed to complement your existing setup, not replace it. It is simply an alternative option for customers who are pressed for time, or don’t necessarily want to leave their table of friends to order / pay. Friendly greetings and great service can never be replaced!


How easy is Orderly to set up?

Extremely. All you need is an account (you can sign up here) and an internet enabled device to receive orders on. If you have an iPad, you can download the Orderly Expo app for an even smoother experience. Then you just need to enter your information in the Orderly admin area and you’re ready to go! If you ever have any questions, we’re always available to help too.


Can Orderly work directly with my tills?

We are working with a number of partners on native till integration and it is definitely on its way. Orderly for ICR Touch is in the final testing stages and more will follow!


What is ‘Admin’ and ‘OrderlyExpo’?

These are the areas of Orderly which venues can access to manage how they appear within the app. The admin area is typically for management. From here, you can add and remove items, set prices, and check daily reports. The Expo area is your expediter for Orderly. This is where the orders from customers will appear so it’s best to keep it open in a visible location for staff to see. It can be accessed as a web app from or by downloading Orderly Expo for iPad from the App Store.


How Do I Get Paid?

When you create an Orderly account, we set you up with an online merchant account (provided by our partner CashFlows). Once this account is open, you’re ready to go live with Orderly and receive payments. At any time, you can login to your CashFlows portal to see an overview of your Orderly finances and set up payments straight into your current account. Easy!