Get Orderly | Orderly Features. Get Orderly - Allow customers to order food and drink at your bar, restaurant or coffee shop.
Get Orderly - Let your customers to order food and drink at your bar, restaurant, coffee shop or cafe. Sign up today and start receiving orders.
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There’s alot inside Orderly – both for users and venues.

Before you try them all out in person – here’s some information on them.


When your customers are on the go, they can order their items to take away and pickup at a selected time. Orderly automatically makes sure the order gets to you with just the right amount of notice you need.


Orderly makes it easy to reward your regulars instantly and automatically. As qualifying items are purchased, stamps are issued. Enough stamps, and customers can select a free item. We’ll even remind them to head back to your place if they’re close to a freebie. 


NearBy is a feature that lets you instantly activate a geofence around your venue. Put simply, every time an Orderly user is close, they’ll receive a push notification letting them know they can order from you right on their phone. 


Upsell is a great way to offer items that compliment your customers purchase or to encourage reordering. It also makes life easier for customers. They don’t need to queue or even browse through Orderly… with a single swipe they’ve got a round coming. 


Pushes are a great way to reach out to Orderly users in your area. Send a message to your existing customers or to potential ones. Having a slow day? Let the people know what you’ve got to offer with Pushes.


Options is a menu feature we’ve built into Orderly, so when users are browsing the app, they can clearly see the different ways a particular item is served and any available extras, all under one listing. Your customer simply chooses how they would like their item served, selects their extra’s and we display the right price. 


OrderlyAdmin lets you instantly see your best performing items and your daily turnover through Orderly. This will guide you on which items will perform the best when assigned to an Upsell or Loyalty. Our reporting features are constantly under development and more and more information is becoming available all the time.


Your Happy Hour prices can be displayed in Orderly with a single tap. When creating a item, you have the option to add a Happy Hour price to it. To show these prices, head over to OrderlyExpo settings and switch Happy Hour to “on”. It’s that simple. 


Orderly supports 3 different delivery methods at the point of Ordering (Collection, Table Number and Take Away). Which ones you support is completely your choice. These can be edited instantly, at any time from OrderlyExpo. No spare tables? No problem. With a tap, table delivery is disabled.